LOGIPAK trade fair.

This time we decided to take part in LOGIPAK trade fair organized simultaneously with Taropak trade fair. Together with you – our customers, we will celebrate our first quarter of a century of our company. We would like to thank you for their cooperation and ask for new challenges – as because of them we are developing and striving for increasing the level of the services offered.

A new generation of semi-automatic wrapping machines.

They were equipped with a touch screen which provides full “human-machine” communication, even simpler operation, various levels of access for operators, leaders, services, reporting and work diagnostics.

A ring wrapping machine with additional features

A ring wrapping machine with the following additional features was implemented to production: a system of “lacing” the film which replaces striping with a tape, and a lift with two rolls of stretch film – the second roll is printed (e.g. with a company logo) and might serve as a carrier of information and advertisements.

Certificate of Payment Credibility – „Złoty Płatnik 2015” `{`Golden Payer 2015`}`.

Although the most valuable prizes for us are next orders from you – our clients, we are pleased to inform that the financial credibility of Gema deserves the highest ratings according to Creditreform and Eurel Hermes – those institutions granted us the Certificate of Payment Credibility and title of „Złoty Płatnik 2015”.

„Gazele Biznesu” `{`Business Gazelles`}`

The 25. year of our operation started quite unexpectedly. We were awarded the prize (although as a rule we do not participate in any competitions) and we became the “Business Gazelle”. This title is awarded for fulfilling a few objective criteria: revenue growth, increase in profits, and transparency of business.

We started the 25. year of our company…

Time flies… more than 3600 manufactured semi-automatic wrapping machines and shrink tanks, and more than 260 designed and manufactured automatic lines to transport and cover pallet units with a film.


The line with a horizontal wrapping machine

The line with a horizontal wrapping machine for packing long elements with a stretch film, and with an automatic feeder of flanges replacing the pallet. The following might be programmed: places to be wrapped, a number of wrappers, automatic wrapping and cutting off the film, and sticking film edges to the pallet automatically.

Open days

Open days in Gema are organized together with Comau Robotics. We presented a complete line with palletizing robots and an automatic ring wrapping machine.


Taropak – our next meeting

We have prepared an automatic line with two Comau robots, grippers (of our production) for de-palletizing and palletizing whole boxes, as well as a highly efficient ring wrapping machine.


A ring wrapping machine with two lifts on the ring, and thus, with a capacity exceeding 100 pallets/h.

A ring wrapping machine with a vertical ring

A ring wrapping machine with a vertical ring to pack bulky cargos with a stretch film onto the pallets (or without).



This type should be called „a horizontal wrapping machine” – by taking the wrapping method into account as this term is accepted in the industry, but as for now it has caused so much confusion, that is why we will write about the ring setting.

A ring wrapping machine with the system to place corner beads

It is a new option which is important in those places where the product is exposed to damages and cargo edges must be additionally protected. The corner beads are distributed automatically from four containers, placed on the cargo edges, held in a proper position in order to continue wrapping at full capacity.

A ring wrapping machine with the system of releasing an advertising film

The second roll of stretch film has e.g. a company logo printed on, and, while wrapping the cargo with a transparent film, at any height thereof, it may be covered with a film containing the company logo.


A vertical ring wrapping machine

After several years of collecting experience in selling ring wrapping machines, we started to produce – GEMA-RING on our own. The cargo remains stationary while being wrapped, and thus, wrapping at high capacity is possible.


New internet website was created.

We are hoping that our idea – clearness, legibility, not too much information, more photos and videos regarding our products – will be of great assistance to you, will be helpful while making choices as well as encourage you to direct contacts with us.



EPICOR – Next-Generation ERP Applications.
We finished introducing Epicor’s company program. Epicor company  has been classified as a ‘visionary’ by Gartner independent agency.
Epicor’s applications have been used by over 33 000 customers in over 150 different countries. GEMA has been included in that number as one of the first companies in Poland.


European EC safety standards

We created a new line of semiautomatic wrapping machines, designed according to European EC safety standards.
Since then all our products have been labelled with CE symbol/signage.


Automatic frame type shrinking machine

Automatic frame type shrinking machine with a hood putting unit, is our new proposition for building industry…. and more.


New investments

New headquarters, new plant – we can be involved in more complicated and challenging projects.


ISO 9001:2000

New product are usually introduced on TAROPAK fairs in Poznan.
It is always a great pleasure to meet you there.


ISO 9001:2000

Our management system has been assessed and certified by SGS as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 for whole Gema’s activities:
“Design, manufacturing, sale of machines and packaging lines. Wholesale trade of packaging material.”


We moved to the new plant.

We moved to the new plant without any outages in productions and customer’s service – you are very welcomed.
Our plans? DEVELOPMENT: of our products, export, company.


We changed our brand

Just before move – we changed our brand.
Partners and philosophy – always the same – we give a choice.
We are going to increase this choise constantly.


New plant

Company development demands more space, projected especially for our needs. We made decision we want to have our own building, where we can have together: production hall, film warehouse and the office.


Project department

Project department with engineers: designers, electrics, automatitics, electronics, automatitians and production department with every stages is the guarantee of our
flexibility – we can make even non-standard tasks.


Two in one

Stretch and shrink wrapping machine in one?
If loads are so various – this is the best solution.
And the best way to show how flexible we are.


New orders and challenges.

Paper bales, overall dimensions loads stretch wrapping machines for windows and doors. Next automatic machines. To Germany export development.

In 1999 we decided to start 3-D Projecting and to buy Pro-Enginieer software.


We design and produce shrink wrapping machine

Pallet load is protected by the shrink hood. Packing is tight and can be overprinted.
For those who want to pack only some pallets, we offer American heat guns – by Shrinkfast company.


First automatic stretch wrapping machine

– with conveyors system, pallet turnarounds, gravitation downhill runs.
We are very proud – tillnow it works withou fail.



From the beginning we co-operate with stretch film producer – Mima Films company (previously Mobil Plastics Europe). That’s why we can deliver to our customers optimum packaging system: proper machine and so well-matched film that the load is stable and packed in possible lowest costs.


This is our first dream team.

From the left: Gerard – my partner (and husband), me (Mariola Maćko), our first automatic engineer (and friend) – Jacek T. Below: Włodek – partner also (and brother-in-law), Marek Rek (Production Director today) and the first welder – professional. At the back Polish hound – Seta.


First machine

First machine – produced in summer, in our garage of course.
We called it: “semiautomatic machine for wrapping pallet loads by tensible film” and we showed it on the autumn Fairs in Poznan.
The machine worked so loud (but well!), that aroused interest and was sold.