“… We are very satisfied of machine quality, its simple and easy operating. Next advantage of “packing system” is working without failure. I think that GEMA can be recommended for all contractors..”

Piotr Bremerski

„GEMA company is our proven supplier of the machines for packing the pallets with stretch films. The base of our contacts is our belief about correctness of the choice made by us. We appreciate “Gema” company for high quality of the machines made by it, as well for punctuality of our orders realization. At the same time we express our appreciation for that company professionalism and reliability of its employees…”

Sławomir Kierepka

“… The investment was made in time, without any claims; it meets all required in food industry standards. High quality of realisation gets us work without problems…”

Kazimierz Kąklewski

“… Reliability and easy-operating caused that – after 3 years exploitation – we bought the second machine. Both shrinking machines work without any failures…”

Elżbieta Chojak i Gabriel Chojak

“… We use the machines form Gema since 1992. All work without any problem, fulfil theirs tasks excellently; there are not any failures despite intensive exploitation in 3-shifts work system…”

Wiesław Baryła

„…Gema M. Maćko Registered Partnership company renders fro Inowrocław Chemical Works SODA MĄTWY S.A. advisory services and professional support in solving any problems in packaging areas. Herewith we grant our references to “Gema” M. Maćko Registered Partnership company as reliable and steady partner…”

Tomasz Świeczkowski

“…The made and installed machines are characterized by high quality and GEMA, M. Maćko Registered Partnership company employees always serve specialist knowledge and skills, professional expertises 0 which are the advantage of a trustworthy partner…”

Marek Mielcarek

“… We encourage all to use the new system of packing, based on MimaLite pre-stretched films, which gives optimal protection of loads…”

Marcin Sobociński

“…Gema M. Maćko Registered Partnership company employees showed their flexibility during the selection of the machines demanded by us, adapting their machines to our individual needs. All the works connected with designing works, delivery and installation / assembling were made on time and with attention to the highest quality of the services rendered by that company…”

Szymon Borsut

“… We exploit the shrinking machine type GPS for almost one year. During this time, the machine was checked as reliable, easy in operating and user-friendly. In our opinion, we can recommend it to further clients…”

Dariusz Stefański