We design conveyors to suit individual purposes
  • Chain transfer conveyor – for changing the perpendicular direction of the pallets
  • Rail roller conveyor – to move cargos between the transport routes
  • Slat conveyor – built-in on chains, to move cardboard pallets
  • Others, as required
Chain transfer conveyor (roller-chain) – example
Przenośnik przenikający
Roller conveyor
length 1460 mm
operating width 1100 mm
height 530/570±20 mm
lifting/lowering pneumatic
speed 10 m/min
Chain conveyor
length 1500 mm
operating width 800/1000 mm
height 550±20 mm
number of chains 3
speed 10 m/min
Rail roller conveyor – example
length of the rail transfer ~ 5000 mm
speed of the rail transfer 20 m/min
length of the roller conveyor 1460 mm
working width 900 mm
height 600 mm
pallet speed 13 m/min
roller pitch 182,5 mm
roller diameter 60 mm
mechanical construction capacity 1500 kg
Przenośnik szynowy
Slat Conveyor – example
length 1500 mm
working width 1300 mm
height ~ 300 mm
speed 20 m/min
number of chains 3
chain type 16B1
slat galvanized profiles 20x20x2
loading 1500 kg/m
Przenośnik szczebelkowy