Turning roller conveyor

Turning roller conveyors and their parameters, such as: the diameter, working width, pitch and roller diameter, load or the height are designed in accordance with the needs of intra-logistics of the investor, including the requirements regarding cargo movement, pallets applied, existing machines and transport routes.

Turning roller conveyor might be equipped with frequency converters providing a smooth start and stop of pallets, as well as a speed change.

Obrotnica palet rolkowa
Turning roller conveyor - example for EUR pallets
width 1500 mm
operating width 900 mm
height 600±20 mm
angle of rotation 360o
roller pitch 150,7 mm
roller diameter 89 mm
speed up to 15 (frequency converter)
load up to 1500 kg/m
range of temperatures 0÷40°C
rollers galvanized steel
construction steel construction powder painted, surface chemically prepared
Turning and lifting roller conveyor
Obrotnica rolkowa podnoszona