Automatic shrinking machine, type GLS-FR

GLS-FR automatic frame type shrinking machine with a hood putting unit for packing the pallet loads into the hoods made of thermo-shrinking hoods, with output capacity 60 pack./h. The load is immovable during the shrinking operation.

GLS-FR is individually designed according to the investor demands and integrated with the existing units of packing line. The lifters before and after the shrinking machine are adapted to existing lines conveyor route lines.



Obkurczarka gazowa ramowa GLS-FR z zakładarką kapturów
Shrinking with GLS-FR

After the pallet with load slides onto the shrinking machine conveyor, the following operations are performed automatically:

    • measurement of the pallet height
    • preparation of the hood: measurement, welding and cutting-off of the film
    • the pallet lifting, what ensures better packing of the load
    • the hood is cut off, placed and shrunk
    • sliding-off of the pallet with its load onto the receiving conveyor

GLS-FR technical data
capacity 60 pack./h
injection burners 14 pcs.
heating power 420 kW
supply LPG or natural gas
minimal gas pressure 0,14 MPa
power supply 3 x 400 V, AC / 50 Hz, N, PE
air supply 0,6 MPa
driver Siemens S7 or according to the requirements
shrinking machine conveyor with driving unit, three-chain type
length 3000 mm
operating width 960 mm
height 500 mm (±30)
load capacity 1500 kg
speed 10 m/min
GLS-FR options

    • remote machine diagnostics
    • automatic system for the hoods putting


    • designed according to EC directives and safety standards
    • optical barriers with muting system (category SIL3-IV)
    • the signal of the pallet presence on wrapping machine: optical sensors
    • optical-acoustic signaling unit
    • safety fence around the wrapping machine