Shrinkfast heat tool

SHRINKFAST – specially designed, ergonomic burner for manual packing of:

    • pallet loads
    • goods of irregular shapes
    • big dimensions products

Packaging consists of a sleeve or hood made of thermo-shrinking film.
The product is well protected against atmospheric conditions influence.

Pistolet do obkurczania SHRINKFAST 998 walizka
Shrinking with Shrinkfast

    • safe operation (low emission of CO and CO2)
    • equal shrinking with a film
    • good quality of shrinking

    • can be used indoor
    • weight below 1 kg
    • easy to change the operation place

weight 990 g
length 38 cm
burner power 40÷62 kW
operating pressure 0,10÷0,20 MPa
CO/CO2 emission 1,5%
energy carrier propane-butane gas
gas consumption 3,7 kg/h
air consumption 0,9 m3/min
time of safe work* 55 s
Pistolet gazowy do obkurczania SHRINKFAST 998
weight 1400 g
length 44 cm
burner power 30 kW
work pressure 0,15 MPa
CO/CO2 emission 1,7 %
energy carrier propane-butane gas
gas consumption 2,6 kg/h
air consumption 0,6 m3/min
time of safe work* 120 s
Pistolet do obkurczania SHRINKFAST 975

*the time of safe work is determined on the basis of a safety test. It consists in heating a cardboard box with a proper weight from the distance of 30 cm and determining the time, after which the heated surface will start burning. Thanks to this result, Shrinkfast burners are the safest devices all over the world (the time of safe work for other burners falls between 2 and 8 sec.).


    • Extension for the burner: 60 cm, 120 cm or 180 cm.

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