Stretch and pre-stretch films are used for securing loads on pallets. They are commonly used during storage and transport in almost every industry.

The versatility of stretch film allows to pack different loads: light and heavy, regular and irregular, stable and unstable. Excellent transparency makes it easy to control content and accurate reading of labels.

The type of film is selected depending on the machinery and the goods, in such way, that the pallets ware packed stabile and at the lowest cost.

We offer films:

    • for machine and hand wrapping
    • cast and blown
    • the stretch from 120% to 300%
    • thickness from 7 to 35 µm
    • of variable or one-sided sticky
    • transparent and colorful
    • with UV filters

Machine stretch films

Designed for packaging and protecting the products using wrapping machines.

An appropriate stretch film is selected individually during tests, depending on the load, wrapping machine and the type of the stretch system applied.

Our aim is to package the cargo in an optimal way so that it is packed securely and at the lowest cost possible (POP).

Machine films for highly flexible applications with a guaranteed stretch of 250-300% are applied in automatic wrapping machines in order to wrap cargos at high capacity.

Nanofilm is a type of stretch film derived using the cast method which consists of 33 layers. Thanks to this modern technology, a nanofilm achieves operational parameters much higher than standard products.

The basic advantages of those films include:

    • reduction of packaging costs by 50%
    • high resistance to point punctures
    • greater stability and safety of the loaded cargo
    • good adhesive properties

Pre-stretch films

A film designed for manual or machine packaging of cargo, pre-stretched to 200% in the production process. Contrary to a traditional film, which requires stretching force for optimal packaging, those films do not have to be stretched during the process of packaging. That is why, manual wrapping is more effective and safer and in machine wrapping – cheaper versions of wrapping machines might be applied.

Key (basic) advantages:

    • less consumption of film even up to 60%
    • lower packaging costs
    • lower product charge
    • improved load stability
    • repeatable quality packaging
    • sided sticky film
    • outer layer of slippery (outside slippery)
    • high transparency
    • high tensile strength (high ball drop or high elongation at break)

Films for systems of covering

Polyethylene films are applied in order to protect the cargo against the weather conditions tightly from five sides.

They are characterized by high transparency, good durability and resistance to external conditions. Films of a thickness from 50 to 60 μm and a width 1200-1700 mm are used the most frequently.