Stretch wrapping machine, type GL

GL – automatic wrapping machine with rotary type conveyor for packing the loads on the pallets EUR or industrial type with stretch films, of output capacity 45 pallets/h.
Individually designed and integrated with existing packing line.

EXAMPLE- GLD200 Ø1700 – automatic wrapping machine:

  • with pneumatic pressing system, stabilizing the load
  • preliminary motorized film stretching system 200%
  • with rotary conveyor of diameter 1700 mm
Owijarka automatyczna do palet GL

The process on wrapping is automatically performed.
After the pallet with load enters the wrapping machine conveyor, the following operations are performed automatically:

    • catching the film end from the pallet bottom
    • packing cycle is performed according to a set program
    • cutting-out and welding of the film end
    • sliding of the pallet with load onto a receiving conveyor

The pallet with load rotates during its wrapping.

GLD200 Ø 1700 wrapping parameters

The function set in every program:

    • pre-stretch, one-motor 200% film stretch system
    • between load and carriage film stretch adjustment
    • number of top layers
    • number of bottom layers
    • flexible adjustment of the film overlap on the load
    • single wrapping
    • passing of the load through the wrapping machine without its wrapping

Technical data
capacity 30 pack./h
power consumption 3 kW
power supply 3 x 400 V, AC/50Hz, N,PE
air supply 0,6 MPa
driver Siemens S7
operating temperature 0÷40°C
Roller conveyor
speed 13 m/min
operating width 1100 mm
height 350 mm±10 mm
rollers scale 182,5 mm
rollers diameter 89 mm

    • designed according to EC directives and safety standards
    • optical barriers with muting function (category SIL3-IV)
    • the signal of the pallet presence on wrapping machine: optical sensors
    • optical-acoustic signaling unit
    • safety fence around the wrapping machine


    • the version without pneumatic pressing
    • stretch film system with flexible adjustment from 100÷300%
    • top sheet dispenser
    • the pallets lifter under the wrapping machine conveyor
    • the unit for the film stringing
    • net wrapping
    • other dimensions of the wrapping machine conveyor
    • remote machine diagnostics