GEMA-RING – automatic stretch ring wrapping machine

GEMA-RING – automatic stretch ring wrapping machine for pallet loads. Individually integrated with existing devices and packing line. The pallet with a load stays immovable during its wrapping.

Example – GEMA-RING 1800

Wrapping with GEMA-RING 1800

The sequence of operation after the pallet with a load enter the wrapping machine conveyor is as follows:

    • catching of the film tip (at any height of the pallet)
    • packing cycle according to the selected program and parameters
    • cutting-off and additional welding of the film tip
    • riding-out of the pallet with load onto a receiving conveyor

GEMA-RING 1800 wrapping parameters

The parameters set in any of the programs:

    • possibility to pass the load through the wrapping machine without wrapping operation
    • pre-stretch, one-motor 240% film stretch system
    • between carriage and load film stretch adjustment
    • starting point / termination of wrapping
    • number of top / bottom layers
    • flexible adjustment of the film overlap on the pallet

Technical data GEMA-RING 1800
capacity up to 100 pallets/h
rotary speed of the ring ~ 40 rpm
power consumption 5 kW
power supply 3 x 400 V, AC/50Hz, N,PE
air supply 0,6 MPa
driver Siemens S7
operating temperature 0÷40°C
producer’s guarantee and service
GEMA-RING 1800 options
    • pre-stretch, one-motor 280% or 240% film stretch system
    • top clamp for load stabilization
    • top sheet dispenser
    • conveyor for load transport
    • lifter for wrapping the pallet from “zero” level
    • the system of the film stringing
    • remote machine diagnostics
    • the unit for fixing the corners on the load

Top clamp

Pallets lifter

The unit for fixing the corners on the load

Film roping device


Top sheet dispenser

System logo

Wrapping machine conveyor – example of the data
operating width 1100 mm
hight 550 mm ± 10 mm
rollers galvanized steel
rollers scale 182,5 mm
rollers diameter 89 mm
speed 13 m/min
    • optical barriers with muting function (category SIL3-IV)
    • signal of presence of the pallet on wrapping machine: optical sensors
    • optical-acoustic signalling unit
    • safety fence around the wrapping machine

max. diameter 1800 mm
height 1000÷2000 mm
weight 100÷1500 kg
    • 800 x 600 mm (½ EUR)
    • 800 x 1200 mm (EUR)
    • 1000 x 1200 mm
    • 1200 x 1200 mm

extensibility 100÷300%
film thickness 17÷30 um
film width 500 mm
max. film reel diameter 270 mm
max. core length 520 mm
inside core diameter 76 mm