Stretch wrapping machine, type GPD200

GPD200 is equipped with pneumatic pressing system for the load stabilization and with two-stage system for the film stretching:

    • pre-stretch, one-motor 200%
    • between load and carriage with adjustable tension

GPD200 is designed for light and unstable loads.

Rozciąg folii stretch
Owijarka do palet GPD200

We recommend the GPD200 SMART version with touch panel

Owijarki do palet z panelem

    • Interactive touch panel 5,6”
    • Simple messages, easy to read graphics
    • Counter of pallets wrapping, reports
    • Three access levels (leader, operator, service)
    • Help screens

GPD200 wrapping

Automatic process, after Start push button is pressed.

    • pneumatic top clamp for load stabilization
    • two stage film stretch system:
      – pre-stretch, one-motor 200%
      – between load and carriage with adjustable tension
    • easy and safe film installing system
    • safety switch under carriage
    • pallets wrapping from turntable level

    • turntable soft start and stop
    • turntable positioning
    • automatic load height detection
    • control system with operating diagnostic
    • 9 parameters programmed by keyboard
    • 10 user’s programs and 10 producer’s programs
    • parameters change blockade

Winda z wyłącznikiem bezpieczeństwa

Safety switch under carriage

Docisk pneumatyczny stabilizujący ładunek w trakcie owijania

Pneumatic top clamp for load stabilization

Winda owijarki z łatwym zakładaniem folii

Easy and safe film installing system

Kieszenie do transportu owijarki wózkiem widłowym

Fork pockets for transport by forklift

GPD200 technical data
capacity ~25 pallets/h
table rotational speed 5÷15 rpm
the range of pressing 1200÷2500 mm
table height from basis 70 mm
power consumption 1,1 kW
power supply 3 x 400 V, AC/50 Hz, N, PE
air supply 0,6 MPa
operating temperature 0÷40°C

    • control system with operate diagnostic
    • fork pockets for transport by forklift
    • anodized mast made of aluminium
    • powder coating
    • producer’s guarantee and service

GPD200 wrapping parameters

    • wrapping with or without clamp
    • between carriage and load film stretch adjustment
    • number of bottom layers
    • number of top layers
    • single or double wrapping
    • wrapping without or with stop
    • table rotational speed flexible adjustment
    • step-type adjustment of the film overlap on the load
    • flexible adjustment of the film free running above the load

GPD200 options

    • increased loading capacity of the turntable
    • increased diameter or the turntable
    • increased height of wrapping
    • work in temperatures from – 5÷40ºC
    • 5.6″ interactive touch panel

    • overlap flexible adjustment
    • automatic film cutting off
    • remote control for START and STOP functions
    • frame for turntable
    • loading ramp

Interaktywny panel dotykowy - okno ustawień parametrów owijania

Interactive touch panel

Rampa najazdowa dla wózków paletowych

Loading ramp

forma wpustowa do posadowienia owijarki w posadzce

Frame for turntable

height 3250 mm
length 2850 mm
width 1650 mm
weight 570 kg
extensibility 200÷250%
film thickness 17÷30 um
film width 500 mm
max. film reel diameter 270 mm
max. core length 520 mm
inside core diameter 76 mm
height 2500 mm
length 1200 mm
width 1000 mm
weight 1500 kg