New generation of pallet wrappers with touch panel

GP SMART is a real novelty in terms of ease of use, cost control and package stability.

With their software, GEMA has used user suggestions and its over 25 years of experience as a manufacturer of machines and automatic pallet truck transport and packaging lines.

Thanks to this, the GP SMART wrappers are equipped with features that were previously unavailable or limited in semi-automatic wrappers.

GP SMART pallet wrappers:
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    The interactive touch panel makes the GP SMART wrappers completely intuitive to use. Simple messages guide the user from start-up through the following steps: creating and naming wrapping programs, selecting and changing parameters, handling errors, and possible malfunctions. Some messages are additionally backed up with pictures and graphics indicating the details of the wrapper.
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    Three levels of access (leader, operator, service). Leader adds and removes wrapping programs. He can create up to 19 programs, freely parameterize and name e.g. “bags”, “mixes”, which facilitates the work of operators. The operator uses pre-programmed programs and has the ability to change only a few selected parameters. Each such change is monitored and signaled. This eliminates errors that could affect cargo stability and unjustified increase in packaging costs.
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    Reports that can be used to account for operator work, monitor the number of packaged pallets in particular programs, and even the use of films at any time.
Sample screens
Wrappers for pallets available with touch panel
GP – with rotating table
Owijarka do palet GP100
GPD – with pneumatic pressing system
Owijarka do palet GPD100
GPE – for low height type fork lift trucks
Owijarka do palet GPE200