GPB – for packing bales

GPB300 special purpose wrapping machine for packing the bales with stretch film. It assures tight wrapping of the bales thanks to rotary movement of the table and rotary movement of the bale around its axis.
Pallet loads can be also wrapped with use of that machine.

GPB300 is equipped with two-stage system of the film stretching:

    • pre-stretch, double-motor, with flexible adjustment from 100 ÷ 300%
    • between carriage and load with adjustable tension

Owijarka do bel GPB
GPB wrapping

Automatic process, after Start pushbutton is pressed.

    • tight wrapping ensured by:
      – table rotational move
      – and bale rotation around axis
    • two stage film stretch system:
      – pre-stretch, double-motor, with flexible adjustment 100÷300%
      – between load and carriage with adjustable tension
    • easy and safe film installing system
    • safety switch under carriage
    • turntable flexible start and stop
    • table rotational speed flexible adjustment
    • turntable positioning
    • automatic load height detection

Bales wrapping parameters

    • selection of the number of wrappings in a whole cycle
    • adjustment of the film overlap
    • stretch film flexible adjustment 100÷300%
    • between carriage and bale film stretch adjustment

Pallet loads wrapping parameters

    • stretch film flexible adjustment 100÷300%
    • between carriage and load film stretch adjustment
    • number of bottom layers
    • number of top layers
    • single or double wrapping
    • wrapping without or with stop
    • step-type adjustment of the film overlap on the load
    • flexible adjustment of the film free running above the load

GPB technical data
capacity 30 bales/h
table rotational speed 5÷15 rpm
power consumption 1,6 kW
driver Siemens S7-1200
power supply 3 x 400 V, AC/50 Hz, N, PE
air supply 0,6 MPa
operating temperature 0÷40°C

    • control system with operate diagnostic
    • powder coating
    • producer’s guarantee and service

height 2900 mm
length 3200 mm
width 2000 mm
weight 535 kg
extensibility 100÷300%
film thickness 17÷30 um
film width 500 mm
max. film reel diameter 270 mm
max. core length 520 mm
inside core diameter 76 mm
length 400÷1400 mm
diameter 500÷1200 mm
weight up to 500 kg
height 2200 mm
length 1200 mm
width 800 lub 1200 mm
weight 500 kg