GPO – for packing windows

GPO – special purpose wrapping machine for packing the windows or doors with stretch type film.

Such packaging properly protects the product during its storage and construction works, thus it becomes as a standard on the market.

Owijarka do okien GPO
GPO wrapping

    Automatic process, after Start pushbutton is pressed.

    • two stage film stretch system:
      – pre-stretch, one-motor 200%
      – between load and carriage with adjustable tension
    • carriage with easy and safe film installing system
    • turntable soft start and stop
    • turntable positioning
    • mechanical clamp for proper window putting on the stretch wrapping machine
    • pneumatic clamp for window stabilization during wrapping cycle
    • easy and safe film installing system
    • protection of the windows fixing
    • lower guide adapted to the frames and strips thicknesses

GPO wrapping parameters

    • number of base layers
    • number of top layers
    • single wrapping
    • double wrapping
    • between carriage and load film stretch adjustment
    • adjusted film overlap on the window
    • table rotational speed flexible adjustment

GPO technical data
capacity ~30 windows/h
table rotational speed 5÷12 rpm
power consumption 1,5 kW
power supply 3 X 400 V, AC / 50 Hz, N, PE
air supply 0,6÷0,8 MPa
driver Siemens S7-1200
operating temperature 0÷40°C
height of roller-running system 300 mm
height 3700 mm
length 2780 mm
width 2000 mm
weight 800 kg
extensibility up to 250%
film thickness 17÷30 um
film width 500 mm
max. film reel diameter 270 mm
max. core length 520 mm
inside core diameter 76 mm
Windows dimensions
height up to 2600 mm
length up to 2000 mm
weight up to 500 kg
minimum thickness of the window frame 60 mm
maximum thickness of the window frame 80 mm