Chain type conveyors

Chain type conveyors – mostly applied for transport of heavy loads on the pallets, pallets, boxes, containers, oversized elements and the like.
The transported load displaces in its standing position of the chains driven by gear motor.

Chain type conveyors are also applied for changing the direction of transported load, or for its transmission from one transport line to another.

Depending on the load and other technical requirements, the conveyor can be equipped with different number of chains.

Przenośnik łańcuchowy
Chain conveyor – example
conveyor length 1500 mm
operating width 800/1000 mm
height 550±20 mm
speed 10 m/min
loading up to 1250 kg/m
chains 12B-2
number of chains 3
range of temperatures 0÷40 ºC
construction steel construction powder painted, surface chemically prepared
Przenośnik łańcuchowy