Shrinking machine, type GPS

SHRIKING MACHINE GPS is designed for packing the pallet loads into the hoods made of thermo-shrinking film. That product is well protected against influence of weather conditions.

GPS is equipped with propane–butane gas burners and optionally with natural gas or electric burners.

Obkurczarka GPS
Shrinking with GPS

Automatic cycle of shrinking after starting the machine by pressing Start pushbutton

    • control of the pallet setting
    • flame control system
    • automatic adjustment of the load height
    • shrinking the film under the pallet
    • flexible start and stopping of the turntable
    • flexible adjustment of turntable speed
    • positioning of the turntable
    • control system with operation diagnostics
    • parameters programmed from the keyboard
    • selection of shrinking programme

GPS shrinking parameters

    • flexible adjustment of gas pressure
    • flexible adjustment of burners distance from the load
    • flexible adjustment of turntable speed
    • selection of shrinking mode
    • number of revolutions in lower position of the burners
    • number of revolutions in top position of the burners
    • flexible adjustment of the burners overrun over the load
    • manual operation mode

GPS options

    • increases output capacity
    • electric burners
    • manual displacement of the burners
    • increased loading capacity of the turntable
    • increased diameter of the turntable
    • a pilot for remote control of function START and STOP
    • frame for turntable for settlement of the shrinking machine
    • loading ramp

Safety functions

    • the system of flame control
    • automatic switching-off of the burners with gas pressure drop
    • microprocessor control system with operation diagnostics

GPS technical data
capacity up to 25 pack./h
table rotational speed 2÷8 rpm
power consumption 0,7 kW
power supply 3 x 400 V, AC / 50 Hz, N, PE
turn table height 67 mm
driver Siemens S7-1200 with operator pulpit KP300
igniting and flame control system Krom-Schroder
gas propane-butane
heating power 60 kW with gas pressure 0,16 MPa

    • powder coating
    • fork pockets for transport by forklift
    • Certificate of passed tests of Oils and Gas Mining Institute
    • producer’s guarantee and service

height 3070 mm
length 2780 mm
width 1600 mm
weight 600 kg
height 2000 mm
length 1200 mm
width 800 lub 1000 mm
weight 1500 kg