PAL family of robots

PAL is an innovative family of robots of COMAU designed for palletizing purposes. The range of products of this family includes three models with capacities from 180 to 470 kg and a reach of 3.1 m, using “hollow wrist” technology (integrated wiring inside the arm), as well as production of some robot elements from carbon fibre in order to reduce the weight. PAL robots have a very rigid construction occupying little space and thus, they can operate on a limited working area.

Robots with a very large capacity

Smart5 PAL is a very innovative robot designed for palletizing very heavy cargos. A new model has a capacity of up to 470 kg and a reach of 3.1 m. This is the response to the expectations of customers from the general industry sector, including FMCG, in particular for applications of loading-unloading, palletizing of whole product layers as well as palletizing at high capacities.

Robot Comau smart5-pal-470
Technical data
Model PAL 180-3.1 PAL 260-3.1 PAL 470 3.1
Number of axles 4 4 4
Joint load (kg) 180 260 470
Repeatability of ISO 9283 (mm) 0.25 0.25 0.25
Max. horizontal reach (m) 3.10 3.10 3.10
Position of installation floor floor floor