GEMA, as the unit integrating the robots of Comau Robotics, provides a wide range of high standard robots for palletizing – with four and six axles, for average and excessive loads. While designing robots for palletizing, Comau took advantage of its over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry where reliability counts the most. Special attention was paid to a reliable controller and wires, a special lightweight arm construction, as well as comfort and software dependability.

Basic robots are supplemented with individual grippers, range of applications, and the software to control the gripper and the whole process. We provide assistance in the analysis of the cycle time and 3D simulations, as well as we conduct tests on demonstration robots. As the producer of machines of the packaging line ends and the unit integrating the robots of Comau, we offer full packing-palletizing lines with such devices as: wrapping machines, shrink wrapping machines, pallet warehouses, conveyors, etc.

PAL 4-axle robots

up to 260 kg

NJ, NX 6-axle robots
Robot Comau Smart5-NJ-370-500

up to 800 kg

Robot z chwytakiem całowarstwowym

for boxes, bags, whole layers